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Accommodation in a double double cabin with a dedicated bathroom, bed / bath linens, Skipper crew and Italian Hostess service, meal preparation and cleaning of common areas, gas consumption for the kitchen, barbecue meals, dinghy with outboard engine

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Flights and various transfers to / from boarding place, galley for guests and crew, costs for various supplies, kiteboarding and windsurfing
Mandatory all inclusive service: € 40 per day per person to be paid in cash on board to cover consumption, galley, supplies, drinks

 Yacht

Nautitech 442

Type :Catamaran
Year :2013
Lenght :13,47 m
Double cabins :4
Single cabins :2
Wcs :4
N. Pax :10
Crew members :2
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"Caribbean and Tobago Cays" - one-way itinerary from Martinique to St. Vincent


Those who fear losing even the full efficiency of their memory even for two weeks choose other destinations. Because after a few days of navigation between the Windward Islands the words cold, stress, smog, traffic will sound completely foreign to you, but also to remember the home address, the effort will be considerable. In fact the proposed itinerary leads to authentic jewels set in an emerald sea, where the scent of spices and the languid sensuality of reggae music evoke a fantastic place, in which Africa, America and a pinch of Europe blend harmoniously.


The itinerary

The Windward or Windward islands are part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. There are about a hundred islands, islets, and coral reefs (cays), politically and ethnically heterogeneous, which make up an arc from north to south in the Gulf of Mexico.



One is immediately struck by the beauty of the island; lush and sunny, it looks like an open-air greenhouse. Here we are still in Europe, we speak in French, the currency is the euro and telephone communications with Italy are still at an almost convenient rate. But it is also the ideal base to adequately fill the galley, because shopping will be quite difficult in the coming days.


Saint Lucia

Leaving Fort De France, approximately 26 miles south is the bay of Rodney and, nearby, the natural park of the island of Pidgeon from whose ancient fort there is a magnificent view. A little further south the spectacular Marigot bay and the echoes of reggae music of one of the Rasta del Caribe capitals. Coconut palms, banana trees, wild orchids, bougainvillea, welcome us upon our arrival, and are the prelude to the imposing Pitons, the two extinct volcanic cones that stand out in the center of the island. The harbor in front is part of a marine park: a dive is a must, or a bath in the warm thermal waters of the Diamonds waterfalls not far from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Supported by the trade winds, the 30 miles of sea leading to Saint Vincent are quickly covered. After a while the splendid Cumberland Bay appears, surrounded by imposing banana plantations. You can stop for a break or continue to the bay of Wallilabon to stock up on water and attend customs clearance. Once the inhabitants of the island were fierce cannibals; today with the same spirit they practice trade, but fear never stop there, headed to Bequia the first true island of the Grenadines ..



We are now in the Grenadines. Bequia is the island of whalers and shipwrights. It seems that some natives still practice whaling (poaching) with the harpoon. A delightful port is the village of Port Elizabeth, a former haunt of pirates, where the famous Whale Boner is located, whose counter was carved from a whale's jaw. The right place to enjoy a rum or a pina-colada, or have dinner at Ginger Bread expecting that at any moment Long John Silver himself will come in, complete with a wooden leg and a parrot on his arm.



An enchanting bay, clear waters, florid palms, friendly little cafes. Mayereau offers "only" this. It is precisely the case to stop and enjoy a night of Caribbean life at the rhythm of salsa and reggae and rivers of champagne.


New Year's Eve party on board with dinner.

On 1 January, wonderful Gospel function, in the little church on the hill, where you can admire the Grenadines from above.


Tobago Cays

Islands and islets make up an intricate and surprising mosaic. The navigation becomes more prudent but it's worth it, because our destination is one of the most beautiful moorings in the world: between three splendid islands with white beaches, crystal clear waters, majestic palms and, a little further on, an imposing coral reef rich in multicolored fish with the perfect name, World's End Reef. If heaven exists it cannot be very different from here. The place deserves at least three days of rest for baths, diving, leisure, drinks and a feast of lobster and barbecue fish. (Watch out for water consumption, a rare and precious commodity !!)


Carriacou and Grenada

Our ideal buoy: in fact they are the southernmost islands of all the small Antilles, where you will see incredible bays, remote islands, where people are friendly, music is 100% reggae, the air is full of the thousand scents of spices and nature is still untouched.


Petit Saint Vincent

Our journey is coming to an end. To try to console us, let's take a last bath at the Mopions and the nearby island of Palm, a real jewel, and a last romantic dance accompanied by the steel band. Entering Clifton Bay at Union on the 5th morning definitely awakens us from the dream. It's time to go back and recover the memory. But the vision from the plane that takes us back to Martinique gives us a sudden, intense, emotion.



In Martinique there is the euro. The best change is found

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