Catamaran rental: vacations never to be forgotten

The catamaran is a boat that belongs to the multi-hull category. In fact, it has two identical hulls connected to each other centrally in a large space above and below deck. The hull in this boat is very stable and comfortable, even if in general it remains a light and agile vehicle, since it has no ballast and is little immersed in water. Even if the space on the boat is greater, in fact, the hydrodynamic resistance is reduced and therefore the boat with better performance in terms of propulsion and consumption.

Renting a catamaran for your holiday is ideal for those looking for maximum comfort, to travel even with children. If there is so much space on the bridge, it is in fact also on the inside where there are spacious cabins and a cozy covered area with windows on the outside. The bow nets are splendid for relaxing in the sun or having a quiet chat in the moonlight. Renting a catamaran for the holidays, in essence, allows you to have the comfort of home in the middle of the sea.

Rent a catamaran for a vacation

Going to discover the sea and the most beautiful coasts overlooking it there is nothing better than the catamaran. Le Rotte di Portolano offers a wide range of boats of this type: sizes and brands are different: ranging from Catana, Lagoon, Nautitech, Privilege, Fountaine Pajot. Our team will know how to best advise you based on your needs. In all cases, you will have at least a minimum of four spacious cabins that will allow you a comfortable journey, with freedom of movement and the privacy you seek.

Our tour operator takes care of you by offering you both the rental of the catamaran without a skipper, if you know how to drive it and you have a boat license, both the formula with the skipper and the complete crew included. In this way you can really make a four-star beach vacation: a unique experience that you will never forget. This type of boat guarantees a quiet and comfortable journey, ideal for those who are traveling for the first time and for those traveling with children.

Catamaran charter: vacation ideas

Thanks to the rental of catamarans for the holidays you can create your holiday tailored to your needs, budget and your favorite destinations. On board the Le Rotte di Portolano catamarans you can reach Greece, Sardinia, Croatia, Turkey, but also many other destinations such as the Caribbean.

The catamaran has the peculiarity of literally slipping on the water, which allows you to moor near the coast of the most beautiful beaches, because the shallow waters do not constitute an obstacle. With the rental of the catamaran, in short, thanks to its performance and versatility it is possible to move freely choosing to stop for a bit of relaxation and tranquility where you want.

If you rent a catamaran all for yourself you can load a lot of equipment on board for your enjoyment: windsurfing, kayaking, sup. To ensure a holiday of relaxation and tranquility, seasoned with a pinch of adrenaline and emotion.

Is this the first time you travel by boat? Are you planning a vacation with your family and your children? Looking for a solution for relaxing, quiet and comfortable holidays? Then the catamaran cruise is just what you need!

On board of a modern and spacious catamaran you can slide on the waves to discover fabulous destinations, dine under the vault of stars with the only song of the sea, relax on the bow nets, sunbathe and have a chat, fish, dive and much other. Thanks to this type of boat it will be possible to moor in the most beautiful bays of the globe, even where the bottoms are lower, to then start again for a new adventure (however, you sail for a maximum of 5 hours, in order not to make the journey heavy).

Sailingoo is at your disposal to make your holiday dream come true and to help you choose the catamaran cruise that best suits your needs. You will meet new people, have fun and live together on board will be quiet as there is no shortage of space and the right privacy on this boat.

Destination? Heaven on earth!

On board of one of our catamarans you can go with your fellow travelers to the most beautiful coastal locations around the world, looking at it from its most exciting side: that of the sea. Thanks to the available spaces it is also sometimes possible to bring along your own equipment to do sports, to have the pleasure of going with the sup, windsurfing, kayaking in dream waters.

The destinations we offer are those that we would recommend to our best friends, the most beautiful and safest, selected by those who know the sea like its pockets. On board a catamaran from Le Rotte di Portolano you can reach the splendid sea of ​​Corsica and the whole Mediterranean, but also tropical paradises that you have only seen in photography, such as the Caribbean, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Thailand, French Polynesia , Cuba, Mauritius and many others.

The proposals are many and different, so you can choose based on the time available, your budget and your desires. The catamaran cruise can last 4 days, 8 or 11 days when you travel on a luxury hotel that soars at sea. Depending on the size of the catamaran there will be 4-10 very comfortable cabins with their own bathroom for five-star comfort.

At your disposal there will be an experienced crew, consisting of a skipper who takes the boat and hostess to serve you in everything you need. In many of the catamaran cruises the pension service is complete, to really enjoy life without worries!

Comfort, relaxation and good life on a catamaran cruise

What does it mean to choose a catamaran for your trip? The catamaran is a boat that is characterized by the large space both above and below. Inside there are several cabins, equipped with a bathroom and a space for lunch and dinner. On the deck there is plenty of space to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the company. With the catamaran the space is not missing and you can interact with others, but without interfering in their privacy.

The structure of the catamaran makes it a very stable boat during navigation and for this reason it is also suitable for those who are not accustomed to the sea. The vehicle is agile and light to wander in complete freedom for a dream sea cruise. Compared to other boats, the catamaran, when sailing, rests on the water and therefore requires less power with the consequence that consumption is very low.

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