Gulet Charter

A vacation aboard a gulet, how many times have you imagined it? So many and, if it is not so, it is because perhaps you do not know the name of the type of boat, but surely you have in your head the image in your most hidden dreams. You and the sea, that blue table that gives you a sense of freedom, tranquility, joy and a caique, a practical and comfortable boat, but with a slightly legendary and ancient flavor. Hiring a gulet would allow you to finally make the journey of your dreams aboard a boat that has the comforts of a motor boat and the poetry of a sailboat.

On board your gulet we will take you to discover some of the most beautiful places in the world, guaranteeing you an unforgettable holiday in complete safety. Le Rotte di Portolano allows you to rent a gulet all for yourself, with trained and courteous crew, or to participate in one of the most beautiful gulet cruises. This way you can feel safe and constantly assisted. Unlike what many people think, chartering a gulet is not a luxury for a select few, but a vacation for all those who have this dream.

Gulet rent: a dream come true

The caique is a type of boat that has Turkish origins, where it had recreational and fishing functions. Its large, hospitable and charming structure makes it perfect for holidays today. In the stern there is space to consume lunches and dinners, while on the deck there is all the space for leisure time, for sunbathing and enjoying the days in the middle of the sea.

The gulet is a special way to experience the sea because, as anticipated, it contains all the charm of a sailboat, so it is often exchanged, but with the comfort of a powerful engine behind the hull. The sails he has, useful for his balance, give the magical feeling of flying on the wings of the wind for a relaxing and peaceful holiday. The powerful motor that is hidden in its belly, however, allows it to be totally released from the wind and to reach the coasts that are desired, with a cruising speed of around 11-12 knots. Depending on the number of people you can rent the gulet that is right for you by choosing a larger one or a smaller one among the many at your disposal.

Sailingoo offers you the opportunity to hire an exclusive gulet or join a gulet cruise with other people. Since the spaces are limited, you will certainly need to adapt to a good coexistence, but usually the sea and the experience make socialization easier and more enjoyable. Traveling with your company of friends or with your family, you will be able to make even more of your relationships, building together with your loved ones an unforgettable adventure.

Trip aboard a gulet: a unique experience

Our tour operator offers you a myriad of possibilities for your gulet holidays to be able to explore the countries that interest you most and change destination every year. The most popular destinations are Greece, Turkey, Croatia and, of course, Italy: here are some of the most magical seaside resorts in the Mediterranean. In a journey of this type it is possible to rediscover yourself and rediscover the pleasure of being together, in contact with the world and nature. Chaos, stress, technology, crowds of tourists, you can finally forget them, finding yourself on your boat, sailing happy in the sea, with the starry sky as a dome.

Gulet Cruise

If you are looking for a special and different idea for your holidays there is nothing better than a gulet cruise. Your way will be the blue sea, the sky will be your spectator and the stage caique bridge: you will have a unique and unforgettable experience, you will relax and you will have a feeling of freedom never felt before. Le Rotte di Portolano proposes for the most demanding customers the gulet cruise that has as its destination one of the most beautiful coasts overlooking the sea. The choice is varied: it goes from Turkey, to Italy, to the Aeolian Islands and to the Egadi Islands, to Sardinia, Croatia and Greece: you'll love the life of the sea wolf and you'll find your contact with nature.

Our gulet cruises provide you with: a professional commander who will lead you safely to unexplored havens, hostesses at your disposal for every need, a high quality kitchen ready to satisfy your requests. Everything will be perfect and flawless so that all you have to do is concentrate on you and your loved ones. Thanks to quality boats and competent staff you will have the comfort of home on board of a ship of other times: what more do you want?

Why choose a gulet cruise?

Taking a gulet cruise is an experience that is anything but standard or obvious because it really allows you to have a totally unique experience. The boat has a taste of the past that will give you the feeling of being inside a legendary story: the sails that dance with the wind, the sound of the waves on the hull and the wind in your hair, to discover new lands . The gulet cruise does not end with this sentimental and emotional aspect, but it is much more because it also offers you unparalleled comfort.

On board the gulet, life is very quiet and comfortable: spaces are not lacking and you have all the comforts of a luxury hotel, such as air conditioning, cabins with private bathrooms etc. Depending on your needs, we provide single, double or triple cabins and you can choose between half board or full board. The staff on board will take care of you and you will not have to worry about anything except having fun and relaxing.

The beauty of the gulet is also outside the deck: under the sky and immersed in the beauty of the sea, you can enjoy every minute of your day. During navigation (normally 5 hours maximum) you can rest in the sun on the loungers, joke with fellow travelers, fish or do whatever you like.

The extra gear of the gulet

Sailingoo in addition to catamaran cruises, proposes to those who want to live a dream the gulet cruise: a boat with ancient Turkish origins similar to a sailing ship, but with the great comfort of a motor boat. This guarantees great safety and the possibility of being able to reach every place you want without any problem, traveling at about 11-12 knots as in a normal cruise. The cost of the gulet holiday, you'll see, is all in all small. Unlike what many people think, in fact, this type of travel is not a luxury for the few.

At your disposal there are gulets of different sizes, also based on the number of participants in the cruise. For those who are not able to drive a boat of this type and want to rely on professionals for not having any kind of concern, the gulet cruise is certainly the best solution.

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