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Gulet Cruise Sardinia and Corsica: the beauty around the corner

You don't need to go to the Caribbean to take a boat holiday of those that you won't forget for the rest of your life. Not far away, in the Mediterranean, there are places that have nothing to envy to these tropical paradises: Sardinia and Corsica! This area is perfect for those who want to relax and rest, but without sacrificing fun and adventure. The stretch of sea that faces Sardinia is amazing: clear beaches, silvery rocks, wild Mediterranean scrub, turquoise water, magical seabeds. There are innumerable excursions to be done and so many wonderful things can be seen.

A gulet holiday between Sardinia and Corsica will allow you to explore the most beautiful beaches: the Maddalena, the area of ​​Olbia, Caprera, Santa Maria, Budelli in Sardinia; the cliffs of Bonifacio, the Cavallo Islands, Isola Piana, the charming island of Lavezzi in Corsica. Thanks to the charter of an exclusive gulet for Sardinia and Corsica you can really take these places, looking at them from their best side, the one from the sea.

Discover Sardinia and Corsica

To discover one of the most fascinating areas of the Mediterranean, we offer several excellent quality gulets and excellent performance: gulets of various lengths and with a number of cabins that vary according to the size of your travel group. The peak gulet for this trip is Alissa, an elegant and practical means of well 23 meters long, rebuilt again in 2006, equipped with 5 cabins (1 large, 4 double) each with its own private bathroom and air conditioning.

The rental of the proposed gulet is inclusive of the crew, so this will take care of everything you might need. Life on the gulet will be about relaxation and fun. Stress and boredom certainly won't belong to you on this boat trip between Sardinia and Corsica. In the morning and in the afternoon you can relax on the deck of the caique, do activities and sports that you like, visit the beaches of these islands. As night falls you will be able to dine behind the orange of the sun that plunges into the sea, sleeping then lulled by the waves of the sea.

The most beautiful places ... for your gulet cruise in Sardinia and Corsica

Sailingoo offers you balanced and well-designed itineraries, but if you wish we can modify them as you like. You can start from Alghero, going up the west coast in a northerly direction towards the Bocche di Bonifacio and Stintino; do Sardinia and Corsica, or always from Alghero descend again to explore Carloforte, Bosa and other beauties of Southern Sardinia.

The crew that will follow you in this adventure knows these areas very well and will lead you to little known but unique places. To guarantee a gulet cruise in Sardinia and Corsica, it will be a dream to load on board the equipment necessary for your enjoyment according to your tastes: snorkeling equipment, water sports, water games, things for fishing etc. It will be a thrilling vacation! Choose your preferred departure port from those proposed and prepare your luggage. When? The period we recommend is between May and September, to find a pleasant climate.

Gulet Charter by the cabin

Are you alone, as a couple or with a small group of friends? Prepare your luggage and go with us for a beautiful and breathtaking gulet cruise! With this new formula you can spend a fantastic cruise aboard a great gulet without worrying about reaching an adequate number for the entire boat rental.

A vacation in freedom, but still comfortable and in total relaxation aboard gulets of 24 meters 5/6 cabins, to sail between the Maddalena archipels and Corsica Island thanks to the full-board formula

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Exclusive full gulet private charter

Are you a group of friend or a family? You can take all the gulet for you and enjoy a dedicated and exclusive experience with all the crew members ready to satisfy all of your needs. You can choose your perfect itinerary, preferred board and drinks services

Take all the comfort that our gulets can offer and be relaxed while the crew take care of you and the other guests.  

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