Motor Boat Rental

If you have a passion for the sea or simply if you have the desire to make a special and unique holiday, then at least once in your life you will probably have thought of hiring a motor boat. A boat holiday is an extraordinary experience in the collective imagination, capable of giving an infinite sense of freedom and that wonderful feeling of flying over water, feeling a bit like a condottiere of other times. In fact it is not a question of imagination, but it is really so and those who have already taken a trip of this type can certainly confirm this.

But there is a big difference between traveling by boat and having a boat to make this experience. The boat is a big expense and that's why the best solution is surely that of the rental of the motor boat. Most companies that offer the possibility of renting a boat, however, propose it only with the skipper and the on-board staff assigned by the company. This is a good solution, of course, for traveling peacefully, but it is not for everyone.

Choosing the possibility of choice that we give you is wide. In fact, we offer you this type of service, but also the possibility of renting a motor boat without a skipper, that is, with the possibility of traveling independently. In short, the captain of the boat, if you want and if you qualify, it can be you!

Why choose a motor boat?

We at provide you with various types of boats, such as the sailboat, the gulet, the catamaran, but one of the most comfortable is certainly the motor boat. Compared to the others, this boat is very simple and intuitive to use, even if you are not an expert. There is a comfortable seat for driving, a steering wheel and a simple control panel and an in-and out-of-board engine that you quickly learn to control.

In choosing the model you can be recommended by the team for the best choice, based on your budget, your lifestyle, the type of trip and the people on board. In all cases, it is always advisable not to take a typology larger than necessary. If the boat is too big, in fact, it is also heavier and to reach speed requires more power, consequently consumption can be higher with higher costs.

Different needs, for example, you might have if you foresee the presence of children on board, if you are looking for a large outdoor space, if you prefer comfort or if you want something more agile and faster. The options are many and different and, based on your needs, we can see together to personalize your holiday.

Dream vacation: motor boat rental

Taking a vacation on board a motor boat means fun, a spirit of adventure, contact with nature and the sea, sociability and relaxation. By renting a motor boat you have the possibility to reach many wonderful places and to visit them one by one in the best way, that is by sea. With the motor boat you go to Tuscany, Sardinia, Sicily, then Italy, but also to Europe, reaching destinations such as Greece, Menorca, Côte d'Azur, Turkey, Croatia or you can even wander around Maldives, Seychelles, Thailand.

The days are spent alternating navigation, relaxing on the deck, bathing in the middle of the sea, fishing, visiting the coastal towns to spend an inebriating vacation to the sound of smiles, in which you won't be bored even a minute. The boat holiday is no longer a luxury for the few and, thanks to our offers, you can finally fulfill this dream.

Yacht - It is important to know that:
Yacht Bareboat: unmanned formula with the possibility to request skipper and hostess, responsibility falls on the lessee
Yacht Crewed: crewed formula, responsibility of the commander. In addition to the cost of the freight, an "APA" cash expense fund will be requested

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