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Sea air, wind in your hair, postcard landscapes: this is the background for a sailing holiday. It doesn't matter if it's a few days or a long journey, what matters is to leave to live one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. Sailing is a dream for many and even if you don't have a sailboat, it doesn't mean you have to give it up. Indeed, since it is expensive to own a boat of this type, the most convenient way is surely the rental of sailboats.

The sailboat is not just for sea wolves or for sportsmen of the sector, but it can also be the right choice for you who wants a holiday full of adventure, the fun of contact with nature and the sea, wandering among dream locations. We at Le Rotte di Portolano aim to make your vacation dream come true, by offering you both bareboat hire, ie rental of unmanned sailboats and skippers, and sailboat rental with skipper, also known as Sailing Charter giving you the possibility to choose the boat that suits you.

Rent a sailboat, how to get organized

Depending on your needs, the destination you want to reach, the budget you have available, we will help you better organize your holiday and choose the sailboat that's right for you. Although some people think that chartering a sailboat costs a lot and is an exclusive luxury, in reality you will be amazed at the price, which will not differ much from a resort holiday. Renting a sailboat and sharing the journey with other people is even more convenient and fun, the important thing is to bring a bit of adaptability.

By renting a sailboat it is possible to organize a compelling and varied vacation, some will be on board and partly on land, in paradises overlooking the sea that seem to be painted by a painter. Boat boredom does not exist and by organizing things well everything will go smoothly and calmly.

Where we go?

Sailingoo offers you a fleet of sailboats for a wide and varied rental to reach the destinations you've always dreamed of by sea. The goals are many and one more beautiful than the other. Without going too far, for example, Italy is certainly wonderful to sail on a sailboat, the paradises between the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean almost do not count.

Not far away is Greece, with the Corinth canal, the Ionian islands, the Gulf of Athens, the Cyclades islands, the Dodecanese, the Sporades and all the other dream islands on the Aegean with their crystal clear sea. Perhaps you could start farther north from the coast of Croatia, arriving then up to the splendid Turkish coasts, without forgetting to stop in Malta. With the rental of the sailboat you also have the possibility of going to discover other postcard areas, an example among many, but not least, are certainly the Caribbean.

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